Our Mission

The mission of Eric's Corner is to raise awareness of epilepsy/ seizures and to connect our community with resources to effectively manage an epilepsy/ seizure diagnosis.



  About Us


2,000 people in the Tri-Valley (and over 140,000 people in Northern California) have been diagnosed with epilepsy, ranging from infants to teens and adults to seniors.  Family and friends of loved ones with a diagnosis of epilepsy or seizures are also greatly affected by the challenges of living with this neurological disorder.

Diagnosed in late 2010, local business owner Eric Nostrand is now one of those living with epilepsy. After years of raising money for cancer resources at ValleyCare Health Library in Pleasanton, CA., Eric’s friends decided it would be fitting if the Library included a section for epilepsy resources.  Hence, the corner of the library- Eric’s Corner- is dedicated to epilepsy information and resources.

Out of Eric’s journey to meet the challenges that epilepsy has presented him, Eric’s Corner and EricsCorner.org goals are to help others in their quest to live vigorous and healthy lives and to educate our community about this pervasive, but misunderstood disorder.

While a diagnosis of epilepsy can be overwhelming, confusing and frustrating, there are resources out there to help you get through it all, including dealing with doctors, understanding complex medications and working through transportation issues.  Learn more about our support group, community outreach, library resources, online resources, fundraising events, or contact us if you have any questions about local epilepsy resources. 

Eric’s Corner Community

In the past several years the growth of the Eric’s Corner community continues to enhance the lives of many!

Looking back over the past few years, the volunteers of this group have hosted over 48 monthly support group meetings, covering subjects to help in the understanding of seizure disorders as well as topics to strengthen life skills that assist in living with a chronic disorder and being a caregiver . Our group Members have gained confidence and friendships through our Support Group . Community outreach efforts have included hosting informational booths at community events, education on seizure recognition and response, visits to local businesses, medical facilities and fire departments with printed educational material. We’ve increased the literature available in our lending library – our goal is to introduce at least one new item per month. Eric’s Corner Board of Directors look forward to sharing additional new programs in 2018, thanks to the generous donations and fundraising efforts in 2017.