Eric’s Corner support groups are free and meet every third Thursday of the month from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm in Pleasanton, CA.  The purpose of the group meetings are twofold:

(1) To provide an atmosphere of sharing and open forum questions facilitated by a group of individuals with over 15 years experience living with seizure disorders; and
(2) An opportunity to host guest speakers from within the industry to provide up-to-date news and views on epilepsy treatments, epilepsy challenges and other epilepsy resources.  For a look at the upcoming calendar, see the sidebar at the right on this page.

Photo by izusek/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by izusek/iStock / Getty Images

Our support groups include social gatherings as well.  Social gatherings involve individuals, families and friends affected by seizure disorders in a friendly social activity such as dinner, bowling or an afternoon at a park. Epilepsy can be an isolating disorder and Eric’s Corner social gatherings encourage all individuals to participate in life’s activities.  Group meets

every other month; see Eric’s Corner calendar for more information.